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(Message # 284)
Consider Persecutions Precious Rose Pedals Of Love From Heaven

Pat and Ann, the publishers of Our Lady Queen of Peace Letter in Alabama, were experiencing some persecutions and Nancy was crying about their persecutions.

Our Loving Mother said, "Nancy, Oh, my precious Nancy, please don't cry."

Nancy said, "Now she is crying."

"My son and I are with you. I am Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God and I come as your loving mother. Please don't be troubled about the persecutions. Consider them precious rose pedals of love from Heaven."

Nancy said, "I'm so happy to see you. Please, Mother of God, help Pat and Anne. I'm sorry I'm crying."

"Those who support Conyers will be blessed abundantly from Heaven and those who don't will not be blessed abundantly."

Nancy said, "You gave [the sign of the scent of] roses to Edwin's family?"

"We were giving signs here to you but you were not receiving them. So we gave it to Edwin's family to help you."

Nancy said, "I smell roses again. I see the Mother of God. Please ask Jesus for forgiveness. I didn't write again today. I'm sorry."

"You are not eating properly. Please be careful of your diet. You need to buy more fruits and fresh vegetables."

Nancy said, "You have made me calm. I love you so much. I feel like I am floating. Thank you for coming and helping me."

A tear rolled down Our Loving Mother's right cheek.

Nancy said, "I am comforted greatly, Mother of God. Help me to eat properly. Help me to write.

"Oh, Mother, I hurt when my friends suffer but I remember the rose petals. You are crying too!"

"I cry when my children hurt.

"Dearest daughter, I must depart. Be at peace and love, love, love and love more. Love everyone who will come here, everyone.

"Please thank my Son and make the sign of the cross."

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Statement from owners to whom it may concern.
October 13
, 2004

We will no longer invite people to pray on Holy Hill and the Holy Well will be closed in order to avoid further confusion that continues to exist in Conyers, Georgia. Holy Hill and the Holy Well are on private property and we, the private homeowners, ask that you will respect our decision made as a result of spiritual direction.

Rich and Cindy Pfundstein
2900 Highway 138 NE
Conyers, Georgia 30013


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