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"My children seek signs and wonders"

Jesus said, "My children seek signs and wonders. They do not seek Me in the depths of their hearts.

"Believe the Scriptures.

"When you gather together in My Name, I am here." Nancy saw bright mystical light on the crucifix from which Jesus was speaking. Arcs of light like flashes of lightning came down into the room as she saw numerous saints continually appearing. As the pilgrims prayed "Give us our daily bread, " mystical light appeared again. For a split second Nancy saw the crucified Christ and then the resurrected Christ. In a thunderous voice Jesus said,

"Abortion is murder." Jesus repeated these words several times and then He said,

"As you murder the life of the most innocent, you are murdering the life of your very soul.

"Remember, thou shall not kill.

"You reap what you sow." The wall turned red as Jesus spoke the preceding words and mystical light flashed as saints continued to appear. Nancy saw a vision of a farmer in a field in which he had planted many things. The soil was dry and the seeds did not sprout. Jesus said,

"What seeds do you plant and what do you want Me to cultivate? "Later, Nancy was praying for a blind nun whom she had not met but knew was present for the apparition. Jesus said,

"My daughter who is without sight sees more than My children who have sight." Later Nancy was praying for the pilgrims who were outside in the hot sun. She said to Jesus, "They are very hot outside."Jesus replied,

"Do they thirst for the Word of God or do they thirst for the water of the earth.

"Do you fear My judgements or the judgements of man. Do you serve Me or do you serve others? Do you come seeking My love and My mercy?" Nancy saw the vision of the farmer again. He was now kicking the earth as if he was frustrated. Then the farmer dropped and sat upon the ground. Jesus continued,

"Do you come here seeking Me in the depths of your heart? How shall I call you - a believer or a non-believer, a follower of Mine or a fallen away child?

"I love you, My dear little children." The mystical light was very bright. In a vision Nancy saw military troops marching. Later Nancy was thinking about people who questioned her visions of the saints. Nancy asked Jesus, "Some people are saying that dead people appear here." Jesus replied,

"Are they dead or are they alive?" Nancy saw many saints appearing again and she exclaimed, "They are alive! "Jesus then said,

"Tell them." Later in the Rosary, Nancy could no longer see any mystical light. At the exact moment that a nun began the 5th Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion, Nancy suddenly saw the mystical light again and many saints appeared. George then told Nancy that it was the blind nun who was now leading the Rosary. Nancy prayed for the nun saying, "Jesus, please heal the nun's sight." Jesus said,

"I tell you she has greater sight than the rest.

"You come seeking a healing, pray for the healing of your soul. Seek this healing.

"The souls of the lukewarm pierce My heart through and through. The souls of the lukewarm are withering, they are dying. Be on guard against the temptations of laziness, of worldliness.

"My heart is rich in mercy and compassion. Come unto Me like a little child who is sorry for hurting his parents. Be a little child before Me.

"Walk among your sisters and brothers in humility and love." In a vision Nancy saw a map of the world. The continents were in red. The map of the world appeared and faded several times and then it vanished. Jesus said,

"In a twinkling of an eye the world can change.

"Oh My children, no one loves you like I do."

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