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(Message # 937)
Living in Divine Will Is Living in Holiness... in Union with God

Nancy was speaking to a priest in the apparition room. Many saints kept appearing around the priest. They would move and touch the priest, and the priest would burst in light.

A vision of an elderly gentleman kept appearing, life-sized. Nancy was unsure as to who he was. The priest prayed. He invoked the Divine Will and slowly prayed the Our Father. As the priest prayed, Our Lady appeared life-sized, looking like Our Lady of Fatima.

Nancy said, "Her eyes are opened. She is here! Someone appears behind her. I don't hear anything yet . . . I must wait."

Nancy said, "I give you my heart, Blessed Virgin Mary."

The friend said, "I give you my heart, Blessed Virgin Mary."

Nancy said, "She is moving her eyes! The statues of the angels on the shelf are bursting in light!

"Mother, teach us about Divine Will."

The mystical light in the apparition room suddenly grew in intensity. Nancy said, "You bring us light, Mother of Love!"

The friend said, "I hear my name, deep in the depth of my heart."

Nancy said, "She is smiling. The light is bright."

The friend said, "The statue vanishes and looses its color. There is our Beautiful Mother! I heard my name again."

The Blessed Mother said, "My dearest daughter, in the Name of my Son Jesus, I greet you. Behold my child ..."

"Fear not about my visit in October."

Nancy said to her friend, "She is looking with such tenderness at all of us."

The Blessed Mother said, "Little [the first name of Nancy's friend], study hard. Be holy as God is holy.

"Living in Divine Will is living in holiness, and it is holiness being brought to perfection in union with God. Divine Will was broken when sin entered the world and settled in the hearts of men. My dearest daughter, the hearts of men everywhere, all over the world must be purified. The Divine Will for each soul is to be in perfect union with God the Creator.

"Darkness must be removed from the world, from the souls and hearts of men. This will come about in the great tribulation. I ask you, my dear little children, to teach about the true, living faith and to be apostles, living in Divine Will."

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January10, 2006
Trust Him and walk by faith more

January 10, 2006

Nancy was speaking to a friend and she said, I believe that God has something for me to learn from what is happening in my life. God holds my future. I need to trust Him more and walk by faith.

Nancy was thinking about faults of human nature. She realized that it is a friend who will point out your faults in honesty and kindness. It is better to correct your faults in this lifetime. We need to take one day at a time and stop panicking.

January 29, 2006
about 12:09 AM

While the same friend was speaking with Nancy she asked him if he had written the teaching from January 10 2006. He said to her that he has been thinking about it. As he said that Nancy saw mystical white light. The friend had a questions regarding the teaching that only God knew about (for those thoughts were not spoken out loud but only in the silence of his heart to Jesus) and this was a confirmation from Jesus to his heart.


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