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(Message # 220)
The Sixth Commandment

Exodus 20:14
Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Matthew 19:4-6

Have you not read that the Creator from the beginning, made them male and female, and said, "For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh"? Therefore now they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man put asunder.

(March 21, 1991)

"Live in harmony. Respect each other. Do not desire or take another man's possessions. Would you take another man's house? If you try to do this, man-made laws would stop you from doing this. You would get yourself in great trouble.
"Are My laws not greater than man's? If you take another's wife or husband then you violate My law. When you violate My law, you kill your greatest life, the life of the soul, and you will lose My peace I give you and graces. Walk from Me and you walk with Satan. No one walks in peace when you walk with Satan. You are not free. But you are a slave of sin. You are a tool, an instrument of Satan. You walk in darkness.

"I am Light. I am Life. I am Peace. I am the Way. I am the Truth. I am Love.

"Nothing, no one, is greater than the life of Me in your soul. Do nothing, ever, to lose it, to kill it. If your desire for sex becomes excessive, you crowd Me out. You cannot serve two masters.

"Keep your thoughts, words, deeds pure. Keep your thoughts, words, deeds on Me. I am Holy. Stay close to Me. Call to Me for help."

(March 22, 1991)

"Be patient, bear everything for Me.
"Many souls are freely choosing to live in darkness. They think their decision is just for a few years on earth but it is for all eternity. Many souls are plunging into eternal fires and are damned for all times. Most are there because of sins of the flesh. Those who willfully choose to murder are there with them.

"Repeated willful impure thoughts, words and deeds are sending people to eternal fires of darkness. My children are making a conscious decision to break My commandment. They repeat this sin then rationalize it and, then, no longer recognize it as sin. I will banish these souls from My sight. I am a God of mercy and love and a just judge. Violation of My commandments kills the life of the soul.

"Woe be to this wicked, sinful generation. How quick you are to cease your prayers of peace the moment you think your peace is achieved. The anger of God the Father is mounting. Woe be My people who march with the murderers, the abortionists. Woe be My priests who engage in impure acts."

"You have seen enough. You have heard enough. I have spoken."

(April 2, 1991)

Jesus revealed His suffering face and said, "(Name deleted) will burn a long time in Purgatory if he goes through with the divorce. If it were not for you, saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, he would be in the eternal fires of damnation. I detest divorce. I tell you, these souls who remarry after divorce and continue to violate My commandment, I will purge their souls a long time in Purgatory." [This man had willfully chosen to continue to be unfaithful to his wife and was in the process of divorcing his wife for another woman.]
"Say My words: a man or woman who cannot live with their chosen spouse and they divorce them, take the consequences now or later. The now is, remain celibate. The later is Purgatory or the eternal fires of damnation."

Nancy asked, "Are there no divorced souls who will go directly to Heaven?"

"Very, very, very few," Jesus said. "You do not go to Heaven in violation of My commandments. Heaven awaits those who love Me and keep My commandments."

Nancy replied, "Oh, Lord, please help, help all the people in those situations."

"It will not be easy to bring My commandments to My wayward people, but you are called to. I stand before you."

Theologian's Footnote: Even though one avoids the punishment of hell because of sincere repentance, there still remains ordinarily the temporal punishment due to sin. What temporal punishment remains for which there has not been satisfaction at the time of death, then, this is the reason for Purgatory which is a revelation of the Mercy of God.

(November 22, 1991)

A small group of Our Loving Mother's children was working on compiling the messages for "The Commandments" publication. The message of Jesus on April 2, 1991 about divorce, remarriage, celibacy, Purgatory and eternal judgement raised concern and questions, particularly because of the marital difficulties and divorces experienced by members of the small group. The group was not in agreement as to whether the April 2, 1991 message related to a very specific situation or whether Jesus was speaking broadly on the issue of divorce. The group asked Nancy to ask Jesus to clarify this issue for them. At that point the group went into prayer and Jesus responded quickly and powerfully with the following message.
"Look at My parables. Did I not teach about a specific situation and then apply it to the whole. Are My parables not timeless? Do I not teach for all times? Do you see that I give rules that are not changing with the sins of men? Dear children, I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. My laws surpass man's laws. My laws are for all times, for all people, for all nations. Man tries to distort and bend My laws to fit their individual sinful lives. I do not bow down to man's laws. It is man who should bow down to My laws. I maintain this stand, I detest divorce. I will look into the hearts of each of My children." [Nancy said that the light around the crucifix was fluctuating with great intensity.]

"Children, if you say you love Me, then you will not want to bend My laws but in love for Me you will keep My commandments. There are too many divorces; there are too many remarriages; there are too many sins. Man tries to make decisions apart from Me. Go from Me and go into sin. Stay with Me and have life.

"I say to you dear children, be reconciled with Me and with each other. I have spoken. I am Jesus. I am Son of the Eternal Father."

(April 17, 1991)

"There are many bad marriages. There are many marriages that I do not bless. And if you don't have My blessing then you are in trouble."

(January 31, 1992)

Nancy and friends were compiling and rereading the messages and there was a question concerning the April 17, 1991 message from Jesus. Jesus said, "I do not bless all marriages because many marriages are performed by civil authorities and many couples enter marriage without sound intentions."

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La oración del Angel de la Paz

Santísima Trinidad, Padre, Hijo y Espíritu Santo, Te adoro profundamente. Te ofrezco los preciosísimos Cuerpo, Sangre, Alma y Divinidad de Jesucristo, presente en todos los Tabernáculos del mundo, como reparación por los ultrajes, los sacrilegios y las indiferencias con que se Le ofende. Y a través de los méritos infinitos de Su Sacratísimo Corazón, y del Corazón Inmaculado de María, Te suplico por la conversión de los pobres pecadores.

En Conyers, Georgia, La Santisima Virgen Maria, Nuestra Madre Amorosa, pidió:

"Que esta oración tenga eco
en todo el mundo"

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