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(Message # 672)
I Can Not Refuse a Humble Child Anything.

Later in the afternoon, after Nancy returned to her home and was talking with friends, Jesus appeared to Nancy. Nancy thanked Jesus.

Jesus said, "I spoiled My daughter today. Oh how I love you, My dear little one. The globe is under your feet. You are going around the world."

Nancy said to her friends, "I don't know what He means."

"Think about it, you will come up with something.

"Thank you for remaining small. I can not refuse a humble child anything. Thank you for bringing My living presence to My children.

"You are earning your place [in Heaven]. Continue working. Keep up the good work, and the benefits are outstanding!

"And now, My dear little ones, let Me bless you again."

Everyone bowed their heads and made the Sign of the Cross as Jesus blessed them.

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Our Loving Mother asked:
"Let this prayer be echoed all over the world."
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La oración del Angel de la Paz

Santísima Trinidad, Padre, Hijo y Espíritu Santo, Te adoro profundamente. Te ofrezco los preciosísimos Cuerpo, Sangre, Alma y Divinidad de Jesucristo, presente en todos los Tabernáculos del mundo, como reparación por los ultrajes, los sacrilegios y las indiferencias con que se Le ofende. Y a través de los méritos infinitos de Su Sacratísimo Corazón, y del Corazón Inmaculado de María, Te suplico por la conversión de los pobres pecadores.

En Conyers, Georgia, La Santisima Virgen Maria, Nuestra Madre Amorosa, pidió:

"Que esta oración tenga eco
en todo el mundo"

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