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(Message # 221)
The Seventh Commandment

Exodus 20:15
Thou shalt not steal.

(April 12, 1991)

"My dearest daughter, I will teach you about stealing. Begin to write.
"Anytime you are dishonest you are stealing. Dishonesty hurts the soul of yourself and others. You are then guilty of stealing My precious life in the soul. You are a robber, a thief. I tell you, nothing is worse than stealing the life of a soul.

"No one robs another without first robbing Me. You will stand accused before Me. Repent. Repent. Repent.

"No man escapes a punishment for his sins. I will punish him with a guilty conscience in this life and chastise him and, after, his soul will be purged. My love for each soul is great and I demand purity. Love Me purely, love one another purely.

"Parents, when you fail to give love away, you rob your children of My love. If you take My love and then you keep it for yourself, you are like a robber who takes and never gives.

"When you are selfish, you steal everything for yourself. A robber takes and does not give. Only in giving do you start to come into My Kingdom. Only when you give of yourself completely do you cease to take. When you surrender and give My Love completely, then you no longer can take, you give.

"A robber takes and is greedy. He desires to take more and more. If you only take and never give, are you not a robber?

"I have no thieves in My Kingdom. My Kingdom is not of this world. Nancy, all My commandments are rules of love. Fail in love and you fail in My Kingdom."

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(Message # 146) 10/13/1990
Prayers and Sacrifices Are Needed

The Blessed Mother, Our Loving Mother, said, "Pray much because there is too little prayer from the heart. There is too little prayer." Our Loving Mother looked very sad. She said, "Your prayers and sacrifices are needed in order to spare you a great punishment from God. My Son's heart is heavily burdened. You will only be able to console Him by giving Him your heart. My dear children, please give my Son your hearts in prayer. Pray, Pray, Pray."

Our Loving Mother was asked if she had any other messages. She said, "I encourage family prayer. When you fail to pray in families you will have greater sufferings and Satan will divide. Please, I have come to represent the Holy Family. You are called to imitate us and stay together. Satan seeks greater division in families and countries and church."

Our Loving Mother held the Baby Jesus in her arms during the whole message.

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