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Our Loving Mother's Anniversary Message

The Blessed Mother said, "My dear children of America, today I come among you on the anniversary of my visits here. I come in the name of my Son, Jesus. This is a time for reflection and renewal. Reflect upon the words of my Son.

"Renew your commitment to put God first in your life.

"Put your life in order.

"Pray America pray.

"Please make consecrations to our hearts.

"As your Loving Mother, I bless you and send rays of love from my motherly heart." Nancy said the Blessed Mother grew more radiant and a crown appeared above her head.

"With outstretched arms, I pour forth graces upon you."

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Jesus and Our Loving Mother's Message(s) Daily Reading
(These messages have been given by Jesus and Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler)
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(Message # 417) 9/1/1989
Why Do You Read in Poor Light

Jesus said to Nancy, "I am Light. My dearest daughter, why do you read in poor light?"

Nancy replied, "My Lord, there is no light here in this church.

Jesus said, "I am your Light.

"In My Light You Will Find All Truth,
All Knowledge, All Love and Wisdom."

In My Light you will find all truth, all knowledge, all love and wisdom. Seek My Light and you will have everything that you seek. Do not be troubled by men. Your foes will not harm you. I have told you: you will not be defeated.

"Dearest daughter, no one can defeat you because I cannot be defeated. Know that I reveal the truth to you. That is all I need you to write at this time. Remember I am the fountain of all truth. Truth cannot be taken from you. I cannot be taken from you. Be comforted by My words."

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