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(Message # 574)
The Time of Suffering is Your Reparation for Your Sins

"Mankind is about to loose what they say is peace.
The peace that I know about is the one that comes from the Prince of Peace, My Son."

The Blessed Mother said, "My dear children, you are my faithful ones. Always remain close to my Son. I have come to encourage you, my dearest daughter. Be not afraid. Know that my Son and I are with you.

"The time is short now before a punishment will befall mankind. My dear little faithful ones, pray; for mankind is about to lose what they say is peace. The peace that I know about is the one that comes from the Prince of Peace, my Son.

"This time of suffering is your reparation for your sins. Accept this cross and offer all suffering to God for the salvation of the world; for mankind has chosen to live apart from God.

"Let my words serve as an encouragement to you in your difficult hours, in every moment. My dear, dear children, I am sad that great suffering is about to befall all of you. Be strong.

"Persevere, dear children, persevere. Persevere in your prayers. I am your mother and I love you.

"Now it is time for me to depart. Remember to thank my Son.

"I love you ... I love you George Joseph. I love you Nancy, my dear little daughter. Be at peace." With arms outstretched like Our Lady of Grace, the Blessed Mother then ascended and departed.

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(Message # 256) 6/13/1991
The June 13, 1991 Monthly Apparition

As the Prayer Group was praying the Rosary, Our Loving Mother appeared to Nancy and said, "I come laden with gifts from my Son. Some of you will be permitted to see the light that is around me. Children, cherish this gift.

"All gifts come from God. Toward the end of the Sorrowful Mysteries I will give the message for the United States. You will understand why I have chosen this mystery to give the message.

"My children, I bless you and love you. I will remain in your presence."

Later Nancy said, "Rays of light are streaming from the Mother of God's hand and streaming to my left and now to my right.

"The rays of light are graces. The rays of light are penetrating into your hearts. Thank you for your petitions. Not a single one do I miss. All will be carried to the Throne of God."

As the Prayer Group began the first Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden, Nancy said Our Loving Mother's face became sad.

"Please children, reflect upon the suffering of my Son."

Nancy said, "She has lowered her eyelids. The eyes are open but they are lowered. The Mother of God is very sad."

"Please, children of America, stop offending God. Do not think that a punishment will not come. I am pleading with you to come back to my Son. Do not delay. The time is now. Our hearts are grieving. Please, children of America, I am calling you to my Son. As your loving mother I bless you.

"That is the end of the message for the United States. I am very sad.

"For many of you the Rosary will be interrupted. Civil authorities have come. My children, pray for all your leaders. Pray. Pray. Pray."

Nancy said, "She is so sad. She is so sad."

Our Loving Mother said, "I will not be permitted to stay. I will have to leave. At the end of the Sorrowful Mysteries I will bless everything you have brought with you in the name of my Son."

A helper then came in and said that they [the civil authorities] had started towing the cars that were parked on the side of the road.

Nancy said the Blessed Mother was crying.

During the fifth Sorrowful Mystery Our Loving Mother said, "I am blessing you", and she indicated to Nancy that people should hold up all objects that they desired to be blessed.

Nancy observed that this was the first time that Our Loving Mother has left the prayer group meeting on the 13th of the month before the end of the Rosary.

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