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(Message # 780)
Please Come unto Me as a Little Child

Nancy joined 12 other people to pray in the apparition room at the Farm on New Years Eve. As Nancy entered the room she saw mystical light flash on the manger of Bethlehem. In the corner of the room by the statue of Our Loving Mother, many angels were present. As the Rosary began, mystical light was present on the crucifix. The light fluctuated on the Corpus of Christ and extended outward. As everyone sung the Ave Maria, a beam of white light came down before the crucifix. Saints were appearing.

Suddenly all the stones in fireplace, everything was engulfed in great supernatural light. It was as if the stones themselves became precious, glistening jewels. The light was so bright that Nancy's eyes were tearing. On the stone wall, the crucifix and the corpus of Christ on it were engulfed in great supernatural white light.

As the corpus came alive in the vision, Jesus said, "Please tell everyone this message: Please come unto Me as a little child."

At that moment the head of Jesus dropped down and His chin rested and remained still on His chest. The upper torso of His corpus then lunged forward. The hands of Jesus were stretched as far as they could be. His heart was in great light and splendor on the outside of His chest.

The vision was so real and awesome to Nancy that at that moment in her heart, Nancy understood, as she had never understood before, that Jesus had died for her. Nancy said that this was the most profound vision that she had ever experienced with the exception of her visit to Heaven.

The next day without having spoken to Nancy, her spiritual director saw in a thinly clouded sky a perfect formation of Jesus crucified. His body was sagging from an invisible cross, His head bowed down and His knees bent. It was a half-profile pose. Jesus seemed crowned with thorns.

Her spiritual director later wrote of the visions, "We have forgotten about His Blood in the sense that we no longer recall or recognize how much He has suffered and shed His Blood for our redemption. The world has forgotten God and Jesus' sufferings since it is so taken up with selfishness and worldliness, ego and pride."

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(Message # 626) 1/8/1995
Change Your Ways or I Tell You the Very Land beneath Your Feet Will Change

Jesus said, "Look at what I am showing you."

Nancy saw the wall turn scarlet red and then saw the outline of continents. The continents were shifting. Nancy said, "I have an unction on my head. Someone is touching my head."

Jesus said, "I am.

"Please tell My children this: Change your ways or I tell you the very land beneath your feet will change.

"If you do not move and come back to Me, then I will move you because I love you and want you with Me. When will you respond to My love for you?"

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