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(Message # 268)
It Is Prayer When You Do My Work

Jesus said, "It is prayer to Me when you do My work".

Theologian's Footnote: Work in itself is not prayer and neither is prayer in itself work. This would seem to favor the old time cry that my work is my prayer, whereas my work is my work and my prayer is my prayer. However, when one becomes prayerful, of course, work can be integrated into a prayerful life.

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April 21 2007
Nancy continues to receive many visions at the Mass.

Nancy continues to receive many visions at the Mass. Nancy encourages everyone to get to Mass as frequently as possible and to receive Jesus in a state of Grace.

During a recent vision in a home Nancy understood that many graces await those who visit him before His Tabernacle. There are many graces that awaits you when you visit Jesus and pray to Him at the Tabernacle.

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