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(Message # 639)
You Are My Children and I Love You

(September 8, 1992 - The Blessed Mother's Birthday)

Nancy and friends were gathered to celebrate the birthday of the Blessed Mother.

The Blessed Mother appeared and said, "Dear little children, I have come to pray with you and have come to join you in the celebration. Thank you. Thank you for my bouquet of love. Thank you for your words of love. Please know that each of you is precious and dear to my heart. You are my children and I love you.

"Let us pray together.

"To each one I say, thank you for your labors of love for my Son.

"Nancy, please be strong for my Son.

"[The Blessed Mother named a young child who was present] often wishes me Happy Birthday. Oh little children, this is most pleasing to God. My dear little children, I bless you. Thank you. As you make the Sign of the Cross, I will depart. Remember to thank my Son. Go in the peace and love of my Son. Remember to share this love and peace with your brothers everywhere."

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When you begin to pray invite heaven to be there with you.

When you begin to pray invite heaven to be there with you. Jesus, Mary, Angels, Saints and call them by name. Nancy has had many accounts recently that support this truth.

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