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(Message # 295)
This Nation Is Heading Toward A Major War. Pray, Pray, Pray America Pray

Jesus said, "My dearest daughter, I would like you to write My words. This nation is heading toward a major war. Unless men turn back to Me, I will not stop the punishment. Pray more for peace because men are in danger of losing peace. Remember what My Mother told you, 'War is a punishment from God'. People, if you do not want a punishment, turn back to Me without delay. I will echo the words of the archangel Gabriel to you, 'Time is near'. Let My children receive these words. Pray, pray, pray America pray. Thank you."
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July 2004
Vision of Southern Coast Line

Early July 2004 Nancy was shown a vision of Southern coast line of United States extending from part of Texas to part of the Pan Handle. She observed that the coast line seemed changed.



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