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(Message # 283)
I Am Calling All My Children Here

Jesus said, "I am calling My priests here. I am calling My religious here. I am calling all My children here, I want Masses here.

"My children want My mercy, then I want them here. My children are not the ones who decide where I will come in a special way. The little insignificant hill will have people coming night and day. You want My graces, then come here."

Nancy said, "Everything you have said is so great I can't comprehend it."

"Let Me repeat words I once said to you. No man can comprehend the greatness of God; do not try."

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July 2004
Vision of Southern Coast Line

Early July 2004 Nancy was shown a vision of Southern coast line of United States extending from part of Texas to part of the Pan Handle. She observed that the coast line seemed changed.



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