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(Message # 30)
The Way: The Commandments

(December 28, 1990 23)
Nancy and George were talking about sexual sins leading to slavery, greed and pride. Nancy said, "and gluttony."

Jesus said, "Why don't you stop it?" Nancy said, "How embarrassing!" Jesus said, "No, how sinful."

Nancy said, "Where does gluttony fit in the Ten Commandments?"

Jesus said, "Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Do you not want to take care of the temple?"

Satan just appeared standing half in and half out of the doorway, in the air and life size. Nancy wondered aloud if the vision showed that Satan was influencing her choice of food. Satan fled in the Name of Jesus.

Jesus said, "Look at it this way. Greed is next to pride. You can have greed with food, gluttony, greed for money, greed for sex, greed for power. Food does not make the sin; sex does not make the sin; power does not make the sin; greed does ... what you do with it willingly and knowingly."

"He looks like He is suffering," said Nancy.

Satan reappeared. His face was half white and half black. Nancy said, "Identify yourself." Satan said, "Make me."

Nancy said, "In the name of Jesus identify yourself and tell me what brings you here."

"Lucifer," Satan said, "I can distort anything. Half truth, half lie."

Nancy said, "Then everything can be distorted." A white triangle appeared on the floor in front of Nancy.

Lucifer said, "When you talk about sin I have a right to be here."

"In the Name of Jesus be gone." Lucifer left.

Nancy said to Jesus, "I wish You could explain a little more."

Jesus said, "Put anything or anyone before Me then you are in violation of My first commandment.

"You overeat. You like to do it. You want much power. You like it. You want too much sex. You like it. Oh, how deceived man can be by Satan. Oh, how deceived man can be by Satan. Oh, how deceived man can be by Satan.

"Men think they are masters of themselves, and it is Satan who is master of them.

"Love your God with your whole heart, mind, soul, and strength. Do not love anyone or anything more than Me. If you do, you will become a slave. I alone am the Master who can set you free. Love Me and you will never be a slave. Love Satan and you will be in bondage.

"I alone am your Lord, your God. Put no one, nothing before Me. I am Love; I am Life. Live in Me, and I give you My Life. Live in Satan, and you have death. He is darkness. He walks in darkness, and if you chose to walk with him, then you choose to walk in the dark. Is it not better to see and have light? Don't you feel better when you can see your way?"

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September 5, 2004
Vision of Angels.

At 4:30 this afternoon Nancy saw a vision which seemed a great distance away. The vision appeared very small, miniature in size, and she could see in this vision one angel after another appearing. She knew they were angels because she was permitted to see their wings. It seems that the angels were looking from above downwards toward the earth. Each Angel appeared one after the other, moving their arms in motion, but she was not permitted to see if there was anything in their hands. It was as if each Angel had a specific task to do. Moments later Nancy experienced another series of visions that appeared rapidly one after another. She could not see clearly what was rapidly changing before her, until the last one. In this vision a large gold chalice appeared suspended in the air.



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