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(Message # 969)
You Console My Grieving Heart

Nancy was praying before the Eucharistic Jesus and she saw a mystical light above the tabernacle on the altar. As Jesus was speaking to her, a white light in the shape of a triangle appeared.

Jesus said, "My dearest daughter, you have sincerely come here. You console My grieving heart."

Nancy asked, "Lord, this is a personal statement. Do I need to share it?"

Jesus replied, "Yes, I want all My children to know it."

Nancy said, "Lord, I am very thankful to be here." As Nancy said these words a great mystical light flashed on the wall above the tabernacle.

Jesus asked, "Nancy, My little one, would you write what you said?"

Nancy said, "Yes, Lord, whatever You want."

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September 09, 2007
11:30 pm
Blessed Mother Cries

Nancy saw white light around the Blessed Mother's picture. Then a mystical white stream of light flowed from her right eye down her check in the picture. At the same time to the left of the picture frame Nancy saw a person appear all in white but she did not recognize who this person is. This person seemed to be in a posture of prayer.

Internally Nancy felt that suffering was about to happen. Blessed Mother cries when her children are suffering or are about to suffer more.

Please pray to console our Lady and pray for our Country.



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