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(Message # 546)
Your World Will Be Changing

As Nancy and friends were praying the Rosary, the Blessed Mother said to Nancy, "I am coming in the silence of your heart because my heart is sorrowful and mourning." [What was at first an external vision of the Blessed Mother with the Christ Child, became an internal vision for Nancy.]

Nancy then saw a map of the world.

"You have refused the peace of God. Therefore, you shall not have peace in your land."

"Your world will be changing. There will be more floods, more droughts and more severe storms. You have refused the peace of God. Therefore, you shall not have peace in your land."

Nancy saw a vision of a level, inland area of the United States. There was flooding; homes were flooded. Nancy later saw a vision of soldiers. It looked like they were in trenches.

Note: The proceeding message and vision was published in the January 1993 Journal. In July of 1993 there was a great flood along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers in the inland United States. National Guard soldiers were called upon to build and repair levees with sand bags.

During that time, Nancy had a speaking engagement in St. Louis, Missouri and when she saw the levees of sand bags the National Guard soldiers had built, she said they looked like what she thought were trenches in her vision back in January.

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September 12, 2003
Vision of Angels around picture of ocean waves coming ashore.

Just before the 5:00 pm news today (September 12, 2003), Nancy was visiting with some friends in her living room, several large angels appeared in the room and were surrounding a large picture which showed ocean waves coming ashore. A serene picture of the ocean waves splashing upon the shore.

Even one of Nancy's visitors saw a flash of light when the Angels came. Angels literally surrounded the picture. Nancy does not know why the Angels came around the picture nor did she receive any message with this vision.

The TV was turned on a short time later and the news was talking about hurricane Isabelle. Let this be an opportunity to pray.

The presence of the Angels around the serene picture may be God's way of calling us to pray for peace on our shores now that a monster Hurricane could disturb that peace in the coming week. Our Loving Mother has said in the past, namely, that prayers and sacrifices can change the course of history. By prayers and sacrifices, and amending our lives (i.e. going to confession and receiving holy communion), we can mitigate the Hurricane's strength or simply send more off to sea; if in fact it is meant to touch land.

Nancy had other visions on this day that will be shared later.



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