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(Message # 380)
You Will Suffer More

In the morning Jesus appeared to Nancy and said, "My Mother will speak about darkness. As you wander further from God, you will suffer more."

Nancy saw a great light come into the room. She saw tears on the face of the statue of Our Loving Mother. Nancy heard the Blessed Mother say, "My children, you have blocked your ears and closed your hearts to hearing the word of God. You do not want to believe that my Son has sent me to help you."

Later around midnight, the Blessed Mother appeared and said, "My children, have you blocked your ears and closed your hearts to the word of God. My Son has sent me to help you. Do you not believe that I echo my Son's words to you?"

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September 13, 2004
Come as a little child before God

After attending Holy Mass, later that day Nancy approached the Priest and said, “Father, you had an experience with Christ at the moment of the Consecration of the Holy Mass.” The Priest was amazed, for he did have an experience, but was reluctant to speak a word to that effect. But Nancy was insisting, “I need to know this because your spiritual experience is not just for you, but to help me. Please understand! In the silence of my heart during your morning Mass, I pleaded with Jesus saying, ‘Please, I need to know that it is really you, who is appearing in these visions and speaking to me because of a certain dream a dear friend of mine reported having concerning me. I never want to be deceived nor deceive anyone.’ So, Father in the silence of my heart I pleaded with Jesus to give me a sign of His living presence in my life at the Mass today.”

The Priest was dumbfounded that Nancy would have knowledge of a deep experience only God could have known. Hence, he agreed to share it with her, but still very hesitant as he regarded any spiritual experience as very personal, even as faith itself. Overcome, however, by her entreaties, the priest went on to share what had happened. He said that at the moment of the consecration, as he lifted the Host above eye level and to his amazement, he distinguished momentarily, but distinctly the facial features of Christ on the Host. The priest meant to take this to his grave, but was amazed that God would reveal it to a simple woman from Conyers, GA.

Nancy too was at a loss for words that God should answer in such a direct way dissipating from her mind any shadow of doubt that He was indeed working in a powerful way in her life for others. She was overcome with gratitude of this gift that God gave her and then retreated in silent prayer thanking God for this special grace. Moments later, a brilliant white light engulfed the Crucifix then Jesus manifested Himself to her alive in a glorious light on the cross. From the cross of light, He spoke and said, "Fear not, little one. The signs I present before you are real. I am He whom you seek. I am One Triune God. I am Jesus. I am, the Son of God."

While still in deep prayer, Nancy said, “The intensity of the white light coming from the appearance of Christ are bringing tears to my eyes.”

Jesus said, Let the little children come unto Me. Be all of you as little children before Me.

Nancy said, “Please, all who are able please kneel, for the Lord is truly present.

Jesus invited every one in the house through Nancy, to come into the room to receive a blessing from the Risen Lord. Everyone moved about in haste, even the little children came forward and gathered around respectfully and reverently as Jesus blessed them all.

Jesus on the cross of light ascended upwards towards the ceiling and then was no longer visible.

Unknown to Nancy another person who was in the room had a birthday this day and she was happy to hear later that this person for the first time was given a singular grace by God of being able to see the white mystical cross ascending upwards as the apparition was ending. This person was touched deeply within his soul and tears filled his eyes.

Nancy invites everyone to go to their local Church and spend time with the living Jesus in the Tabernacle, let Him love you and you love Him. (As Nancy was telling me this a mystical white light in shape and size of a door descended through the ceiling and was suspended momentarily in mid air.)



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