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The Holy Hill

Jesus has said, "I am Jesus, Son of the living God. I said living, alive and I am present here! Come and find Me. It is you, dear children, who need Me. I welcome you with open arms. My Mother will bring many children here to Me."

Jesus has declared to Nancy, "the little insignificant, very ordinary hill in your backyard is holy ground," Jesus calls upon His children to visit Him there. Jesus has also said to Nancy, I do not appear like this anywhere else on earth... I am giving the greatest graces here outside of My Mass. Nowhere are My graces being poured forth like they are here... Where are My children?

Jesus has also blessed the well water in Nancy's yard and promises to heal His "children who come in faith."

All God's children are invited to visit Conyers and pray any day on the Holy Hill at the stone altar in the shape of a cross. Jesus has told Nancy, "I solemnly tell you, who comes to the altar with faith, I will pour forth My graces. Oh, what gifts they will walk away with." Jesus calls us to come in faith. He continues to appear everyday to Nancy and the Blessed Mother appears on occasion. The Blessed Mother has said, "My children should know that my Son and I are not leaving this place but will remain here with you. Come in faith and pray... My Son showers my home in Conyers with many heavenly graces."

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October 13, 2006
On this October 13th the best way to honor Our Loving Mother is to go and spend time with Jesus.

On this October 13th the best way to honor Our Loving Mother is to go and spend time with Jesus.

For those who are able to go to your local Church please spend time with the Eucharistic Jesus who is in the Tabernacle.

Remember Our Lady always points the way to her Son.

(This inspiration from Nancy was accompanied by Mystical White Light).

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