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(Message # 279)
Keep Your Eyes On Me

Two friends came to join Nancy in seeking the help of Jesus in understanding as to how Satan could interfere with the communication of God with man. Some pilgrims had arrived earlier and Nancy was still talking with them. Later, Nancy told her two friends that Jesus helped her answer some tough questions. Jesus then said to Nancy, "Thank you for acknowledging Me."

Nancy and her friends prayed for the Holy Spirit to be with them and, in the Name of Jesus, to bind Satan and all evil spirits. They then began reflecting on how interference seemed to sometimes occur in parts of the messages that relate to personal fears, insecurities, criticisms and unkind actions of others and painful feelings such as rejection and from wounds of the past. [Nancy's friends felt interferences occur in their relationship with Jesus when they were experiencing similar feelings.] They discussed how the messages need to be tested frequently with Jesus as Nancy is actually hearing the message, as well as being tested in the end.

Jesus then said, "Come to Me frequently."

They were still troubled as to how Satan can interject himself in the messages while Jesus or Our Loving Mother were speaking. They were reviewing a specific message Nancy received on January 5, 1992 that spoke of Satan as well as more personal matters. The parts concerning Satan were tested and Jesus confirmed that these were truth. The more personal parts of the messages seemed contradictory and questionable. Nancy said, "Jesus, I don't know what message is true and which one is false. Please help me!"

Jesus replied, "Come to Me with a humble heart. Come to Me and test as My Mother and I have asked you to test [see footnote]. If you allow yourself to get easily distracted, Satan will get in. Precious daughter, I am here for you. Come to Me. How many times have I said to you, 'Why did you wait so long?' I hear you tell My pilgrim children, 'If you know Him, you will love Him'.

"Look at it this way, if you come to Me with half yourself distracted and half to Me, Satan can get in the half that is distracted. Satan wants you to be distracted. When you give Me your full attention, look at how much more confident you are. Look at it this way dearest daughter, when you are close to Me, you are secure. When you are not, you are not secure.

"My Mother will appear to you later. This is the third time you are hearing this today". [As the number of pilgrims visiting on the 13th of each month had grown to the thousands since the Summer of 1991, Nancy grew more and more nervous about speaking Our Loving Mother's monthly message for the United States before the crowds. To help calm Nancy, the Blessed Mother, and sometimes Jesus, would give her an understanding or some of the words of the monthly messages in advance. Nancy would experience great peace following this help. With February 13th just a few days away, Nancy was distracted at times thinking of speaking again before many people.]

"Nancy, look at yourself. When you give Me your full attention, look at how peaceful you are. Look how happy you are. Distraction disturbs your peace and takes you away from Me."

Nancy said that she felt she should be kneeling. Jesus replied, "The fact that you desire to kneel means you are kneeling."

Nancy was thinking about the Blessed Mother appearing later, as promised, to hopefully prepare her for the February 13th message. Jesus replied, "You are anxious about the message of the 13th. My Mother will relieve your anxiousness."

Nancy was seated at the table before the crucifix that was surrounded with light and upon which the image of Jesus had appeared as He spoke to her. To the sides of the crucifix were pictures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Nancy then saw both pictures burst forth with light and taking life.

"Look at how much more I give you when you keep your eyes on Me."

Nancy began to see other images of saints that were lifelike and much larger in size than the pictures.

"This is all happening because you keep your eyes on Me and I continually give you more and more."

Nancy said, "He is continually changing the images. Sometimes I see the bust of saints and sometimes the whole body and sometimes Jesus and Mary."

"Tell My children, keep your eyes on Me.

"Children, don't loose your focus. Remember who I am. No one is greater than I am. Please humble yourselves before Me and before each other."

Nancy had seen a new image every second or two. She then saw the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart appear again and said, "The light is so bright it is hurting my eyes."

"Be empty. Be still and I will fill you.

"That is all precious one."

Nancy and her two friends were reflecting on what Jesus had just said. The presence of Jesus was very evident. A friend said, "The more we are aware of His living presence, the more we are secure. The more we are conscious of His living presence, the more at peace we will be." The other friend commented, "When we get distracted from Jesus, the more Satan can influence us. We should not let ourselves get distracted by our painful feelings, selfish desires and thoughts and the rejections, negative comments and the actions of others." Nancy then saw a sign from God and said that these comments should be recorded.

Footnote: Jesus and the Blessed Mother have asked Nancy to test the messages that she receives. Jesus has told Nancy to test the visions by casting them out in His Name if they are not of God. Jesus has also told her to sprinkle holy water at the visions which will cast away anything that is not of God. Other tests that Nancy uses are to ask Jesus or the Blessed Mother to say "the Blessed Virgin Mary is greater than Satan." or to ask them to say "I bow down to God the Father and worship Him with My whole heart, mind and being." [The Blessed Mother uses the word "soul" instead of "being".] When testing at the end of the message, Nancy will also ask "In the Name of Jesus, is all this message of God?" These are the tests in which Nancy has the most confidence.

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Anniversary Messages
From Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler at Conyers, Georgia

On September 2, 1990 The Blessed Mother said, "There is too little faith here. I am very sad. This is my first message for the United States of America." Our Loving Mother said to Nancy that she would appear on the 13th of each month with a message for the United States.

Anniversary Messages


Our Loving Mother's Last Anniversary Message at Conyers
October 13, 1998

"My requests remain the same as in Portugal in 1917"

"My dear children, I have come to be with you today, and, as your Loving Mother, to instruct you.
"Children, please live your life in full union with God.
"It is most pleasing to God when you imitate Him and honor me.
"Seek the help and protection of my beloved spouse, Saint Joseph.
"Know of the help and blessings that you are able to receive by calling upon the souls in Heaven.
"Pray for the souls who are not yet united with God. They in turn will pray for you.
"Be ready for Heaven.
"My Son has prepared a place for you. Follow Him. Avoid the temptations and ways of the world. You have the commandments of God.
"Children, [long pause] Obey.
"Do not store worldly treasures. You will take with you the good that you have done on earth, your love of God and neighbor.
"My requests remain the same as in Portugal in 1917.
"Please children, stop [pause] offending [pause] God. Please.
"God is [pause] the Creator and He is [pause] sovereign over all creation from the heavens above to the earth below. You have yet to see [pause] the forces of nature.
"No man is greater than God.
"No country is greater than God.
"If you choose to live apart from God, then you will fall and fall you will.
"Oh, my dear little children, God is all loving [pause] and you will reach Him by imitating Him.
"You are worried about the future but you do not attend to your daily duties.
"Please be attentive.
"My Son's Heart is rich in Mercy and Love for you.
"When you are doing your best, do not worry. The future holds no concern to those who truly seek God, love Him [Jesus] and remain in His favor.
"The warnings have been given to you.
"Take seriously how you live your life.
"Pray, children, pray.
"On this day God presents to the world the title: Our Loving Mother.
"Honor me under this title and graces will pour forth from Heaven.
"From my motherly heart, I am giving you special graces this day.

"Please pray the Rosary for peace, please. Pray the Rosary for inner strength. Pray against the evils of this age. Keep prayer alive in your homes and wherever you go.
"Begin to live the messages of love and mercy.
"I ask you to make consecrations to the merciful loving Heart of my Son, Jesus, and to my Immaculate Heart. Make your home and rest in our hearts, dear children.
"As I depart, please, make the Sign of the Cross and my Son, Jesus, will bless you. Remember to thank Him for permitting me to come.
"As your Loving Mother, I am gathering you together from East to West and all over the world in the one Body of my Son, Jesus. Be united. Be one.
"My Son and I do not leave you but remain with you.
"My parting words are:
"Be holy witnesses.
"Walk by faith.
"I love you, all my dear children."

Our Loving Mother's message to her priests
presented October 13, 1998

"Please tell my priests: I am your Loving Mother. Come to me. I will hold you. I love you and I will draw you closer to my Son.
"You are wounded, tired, hurt. Come. Know that my Son and I do not abandon you. Know that you are loved. Many of you are weak in faith. Ask for the grace to believe, to trust and to love more.
"As your Loving Mother, I desire to help you. Please, let me. My Son has called you and He continues to call you. Walk with Him and He will give you all that you need.
"My priests, you are dear to my heart. Help my Son by bringing those souls entrusted to you to Him.
"The Holy Mass is your special gift. Be cleansed in the Holy Sacrifice. Let my Son's Life strengthen and renew you as you strengthen and renew others in my Son.
"On this day, I give you a special grace for renewal of your priesthood."

Our Loving Mother's message to her religious daughters
presented October 13, 1998

"To my religious daughters: You are dear to my motherly heart. I ask you to be strengthened in faith and trust of my Son. Do not let your daily crosses take you from my Son, but rather be renewed in His Cross of Love. Let my Son's Holy Sacrifice strengthen you.
"As your Loving Mother, I embrace you. Come to me so that I may draw you closer to my Son. Keep your vows and promises that you have made. Live in humility, in service and obedience.
"You will be tested many times. Rejoice as you ascend the steps of virtues. Your calvary ends in the arms of my Son. I am here to help you each step of the way.
"I love you tenderly. Stay pure, seeking not the riches of this world. Let your basket be full of virtues.
"On this day, I give you special graces to fulfill my Son's Will for you."


Our Loving Mother's Anniversary Message
October 13, 1997 - Conyers, Georgia

"In the love and peace of my Son, I come to be with you.

"On this anniversary I have come to speak to you about the love of God. Please know that you are loved by God. Please live your life in full belief of this.

"Eighty years ago I came with requests from Heaven seeking penance and reparation. I come today with the same requests.

"Please, little children, amend your lives. Ask God's forgiveness and offer sacrifices daily.

"Please, children, you must not offend God any longer. I come with a serious warning. A great war will come upon this world, greater than man has ever known.

"Pray, children, pray. Amend your ways. Please. I invite you to pray the Rosary for peace.

The Blessed Mother smiled gently as she said, "Please know that you are loved."

After the apparition, Nancy told the pilgrims that the Blessed Mother will give the last of her public messages next year on October 13th.

Our Loving Mother's Anniversary Message
October 13, 1996 - Conyers, Georgia

"My dear children, in the love and mercy of God I greet you.

"My dear little children, you have not listened to the messages I have given to you. As your Loving Mother, please know that God has sent me to help you.

"My children, you will never understand how great is the love of God for each one of you.

"Please open your hearts.

"I have come to tell you that you must know that the eternal fires of the abyss exist. [The mystical light became dimmer.] Souls that continue to offend God and remain stubborn, remain in the eternal fires." [The Blessed Mother had a very solemn look on her face.]

"The choice is yours now." [The Blessed Mother then prayerfully lowered her eyes.]

"Begin to love God. Begin to love yourselves as God loves you, and begin to love each other in this way. [The Blessed Mother looked prayerfully solemn.]

"Remember you ascend your heavenly steps through this life by self sacrificing love.

"Embrace your cross." [Jesus appeared momentarily superimposed over the image of the Blessed Mother.]

"Unite all your suffering with my Son.

"I have come to ask you again, please, make many acts of reparation to our hearts. Offer to God your daily trials and sufferings. I solemnly tell you, you will receive all the graces that you will need.

"Please amend your ways. You do not know what awaits you.

"I come to bring you to my Son.

"I love you, my dear little children." [The Blessed Mother smiled ever so tenderly.]

"I will bless you and everything you have with you as you make the Sign of the Cross.

"Please remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come and to be with you in a special way." [Nancy said that the Blessed Mother was blessing everyone. Then she ascended and Nancy could no longer see her.]

"Let My children come in faith and pray; the graces remain here."
October 13, 1995 - Conyers, Georgia

Nancy was preparing herself in prayer in a small room adjacent to the main apparition room. Mystical light flashed on the crucifix and the light became very bright. Jesus said,

"Today a message will come through My Mother. "It is imperative that man amend his ways. Listen well, dear little children."

Nancy saw a vision of a dove and the dove rested above the crucifix. The Blessed Mother appeared to the left side, facing the crucifix. She was dressed in white and her head was bowed. The wall behind the crucifix turned a pinkish color. Jesus said,

"You will be returning to more solitary prayer. I will be drawing you unto My bosom. "Today your life takes a new direction. Through your writing, your messages will be delivered to the world."

Nancy saw an image appear of an old man which was superimposed over the image of Christ on the crucifix. The image appeared a second time. Jesus said,

"Let My children come in faith and pray; the graces remain here. You, my child, will not return until October 13th next year.

"Let the faithful be faithful. Let them come in faith.

"Through your writings, I will continue to speak. I have created many witnesses. Let them go out and speak."

Jesus looked down upon Nancy and said, "You may only speak as you are given permission to speak. You remain under holy obedience."

Again Nancy saw the vision of the old man. She also saw saints appearing continuously throughout the apparition. Jesus continued speaking,

"I am a jealous God and I seek more of you. You shall write and write and write. Through your writings I will speak to the world."

Nancy saw mystical light pouring down from the ceiling, bathing the people in the room in rays of light. It appeared as if the light was pouring into the hearts of the people. The light was more luminous than any light on earth. At the end of the apparition, Jesus said,

"Please make the Sign of the Cross."

Our Loving Mother's Anniversary Message
October 13, 1995 - Conyers, Georgia

In brilliant mystical light, the Blessed Mother was holding the Baby Jesus. The Blessed Mother said,

"My dear children, in great love and joy I greet you. As your Loving Mother, I invite you, my dear little ones, to draw closer to God.

"I say to you, [she paused] come closer to God. Only with the help of God, can you resist the many temptations that come upon you each day.

"My dear children, as your heavenly mother, I intercede for you unceasingly before the throne of God." [A tear came from her eye.]

"I desire every soul to be united with God forever.

"With a mother's pleading, I say to you: Please, my dear children, you must stop offending God. "You do not know what awaits you. Pray, pray, pray, my little ones. Amend your ways and live for God.

"Live the Gospel message. Through the Gospel message, God has called each one of you.

"Love. Help each other. I say to all of you, my dear little children, be united under God. Be bearers of His truth [she paused] and love.

"I love you, my dear little children.

"Please listen and return to God.

"Please make the Sign of the Cross as I depart and remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come."

The Blessed Mother then explained to Nancy that her hands will be outstretched over the pilgrims, showering them with graces as she departs.

Our Loving Mother's Anniversary Message
October 13, 1994 - Conyers, Georgia

"My dear children, in the peace of my Son, Jesus, I greet you.

"Peace [she paused], peace will not come upon the world unless you return to God.

"I have come to deliver an urgent plea. The urgent call is for all of mankind to return to God now. Our hearts are grievously offended by the sins of ungrateful souls all over the world.

"I came to Fatima and I asked for reparation. Again I come and I seek willing souls to make reparation.

"Please dear children, you must stop offending God. I have warned you of wars, of natural disasters, famine, droughts, floods, epidemics and suffering of every kind and you fail to understand that God wants you to amend your ways.

"Pray as you have never prayed before. Pray children, pray."

There was a period of silence as the Blessed Mother spoke to Nancy privately. Nancy was not to reveal this part of the message. The Blessed Mother then continued with her anniversary message.

"My children, the further you walk from God, the more you become a slave. Your very freedom is being taken from you. Take to heart these words and return to God.

"Thank you for your prayers and sacrifices. As you make the Sign of the Cross, I will depart."

The Blessed Mother then explained that she would bless everything that the pilgrims brought with them and that her hands will be outstretched over her children as graces fall.

Our Loving Mother's Anniversary Message
October 13, 1993 - Conyers, Georgia

The Blessed Mother said, "My dear children, you have come on a pilgrimage from many places in the United States and many different countries. I thank you for the sacrifices that you have made to be here with me.

"Your love and prayers console my sorrowful, Immaculate Heart. This third anniversary day of my appearances here, I come with the splendor of my heavenly court and with outstretched arms I am showering you with abundant graces. Please open your hearts to receive the gifts my Son desires to give each one of you. I ask each of you to continue on your pilgrimage after you leave here today.

"My children, you must stop offending God. If you do not, the greatest sufferings will befall you in this decade. One sorrow will come after another and you will not have time to recover before the next one will come. [The Blessed Mother was crying. A dark substance, like blood, was coming from her left eye.]

"My dear children, you have not honored all my requests that I had made at Fatima and, again, I ask for the same requests today from each one of you.

"Take this Rosary and join it with other Rosaries and offer these prayers to Heaven for peace.

"The message I give you today is serious. It is because, dear children, your sins are serious and my Son is suffering greatly. Please do not disregard this message and these signs.

"I tell you solemnly, I have been sent to help prepare you to meet my Son. Pray, pray, pray. I love you and I bless you.

"As you make the Sign of the Cross, I will bless you and everything you have brought with you. "Please remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come."

Our Loving Mother's Anniversary Message
October 13, 1992 - Conyers, Georgia

The Blessed Mother said, "Dear children of America, there is great joy in my heart to see you gathered in prayer.

"There is great sorrow in my heart for many of my children are lost. Many children do not pray and they have closed their ears to the messages of God. [Nancy saw a tear of blood coming down the side of her nose.] Pray children, pray. Prayer is vital.

"Seventy five years ago I came to three little shepherd children to deliver a message to all mankind and I have come today to deliver a message. Children, you must stop offending God. Begin with this anniversary day and make a commitment to spend time with God every day. [The Blessed Mother is crying again.]

"Pray the Rosary every day. I ask that you make an act of consecration to the Sacred Heart of my Son and my Immaculate Heart. In our hearts you will find a safe refuge.

"America, raise your voices in great thanksgiving to God for His mercy, for His love.

"I cannot restrain my Son's hand. Please help me to help you.

"Offer your daily sacrifices and prayers, please, in reparation for the sins of the world.

"Keep our messages alive in your hearts.

"Join your hands and your hearts with God and with each other. With your hands and hearts joined, please pray the Our Father. [With hands joined all the pilgrims prayed the Our Father.] Please, remember this prayer is given to you by my Son.

"I will bless you and I will bless everything you have brought with you. Please make the Sign of the Cross as I depart.

"From my Immaculate Heart I give rays of love.

"Always remember to thank my Son."

Our Loving Mother's Anniversary Message
October 13, 1991 - Conyers, Georgia

The Blessed Mother said, "My dear children of America, today I come among you on the anniversary of my visits here. I come in the name of my Son, Jesus. This is a time for reflection and renewal. Reflect upon the words of my Son.

"Renew your commitment to put God first in your life.

"Put your life in order.

"Pray America pray.

"Please make consecrations to our hearts.

"As your Loving Mother, I bless you and send rays of love from my motherly heart." Nancy said the Blessed Mother grew more radiant and a crown appeared above her head.

"With outstretched arms, I pour forth graces upon you."



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