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(Message # 203)
What Is Your Highest Goal?

Before Mass, the song verse "In Him we live, in Him we move" came to Nancy's mind. She couldn't remember the words of the song nor the title.

Later while she was praying after Mass and thinking about her talk in Greenville, S.C, she heard Jesus say interiorly, "Begin reflecting on the word goal."

Nancy recalled what Jesus asked her one day a few minutes before a prayer meeting, "What is your highest goal?"

Jesus then said, "Union with Me forever."

[Similar words can be found on page 2 in "My Daily Bread" on "Man's Purposes on Earth"]

Then Nancy began to think about the Stations of the Cross and Jesus' words to her, "All parts converge into one. There is one goal."

Nancy asked Jesus to, "Please give me more. Please speak to me in the reading today."

As Nancy randomly opened "My Daily Bread" to page 195, "Conflicting Emotions". Jesus told Nancy to write the words, which she did, in her diary. Nancy felt a bolt of chills. Nancy later asked, "Jesus, please tell me when to stop writing."

"Continue to write and speak My words to My children," Jesus said as Nancy knelt before the Blessed Sacrament. An angel appeared. Nancy continued to write the words appearing on page 196 of "My Daily Bread".

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