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(Message # 531)
A Great Punishment Is Coming for California

Nancy saw an immense light over the crucifix.

Jesus said, "The Mother of God will appear here the 31st in the evening in the apparition room." Nancy said that Jesus wanted her to go to church and pray and come back to the apparition room Monday evening [the 31st]. Nancy said that Jesus was inviting anyone who wants to come Monday evening. Nancy then looked sad as Jesus continued speaking.

"A great punishment is coming for California."

Nancy tested the message and the light over the crucifix remained. A friend sprayed Holy Water toward the crucifix.

Jesus said with humor to Nancy, "You have given Me a refreshing bath." Everybody laughed.

"Children, do not lose your gift of laughter.

"My faithful little ones, keep Me company often. Now I will allow you to pray."

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Jesus words on Halloween

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One teaching that stands out clearly was on how 'Man has destroyed My feast days.' Up to that time I had always participated in Halloween just like every one else.

Jesus told me, 'Do not rejoice in the powers of darkness, rejoice in the light of the Lord.' My, oh my!" Nancy exclaimed, "just think what we have done to Easter with the Easter Bunny!"

448. Halloween (October 22, 1992)

As Nancy said, "I hate Halloween," the devil appeared.

Nancy said, "In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command you to tell me why you are here."

Satan replied, "When you speak of Halloween, I have a right to be here."



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