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"I Am the Way"

Towards the end of the Rosary, Jesus became alive again on the crucifix as it became engulfed in great supernatural light. The image of Jesus in mystical light reflected immense suffering. Jesus said in a thundering voice, full of power and authority:

"I am - the Resurrection.

"I am - the Life." Nancy heard Jesus' words reverberate over and over. The image of the face of Jesus changed back and forth between a face reflecting great suffering to the face of Jesus that Nancy would normally see.

"I am - the Resurrection.

"I am - the Life." Nancy then heard the following words from Jesus deep within her. Nancy felt Jesus' words resound with great power and authority throughout her whole body. Jesus said with power, authority and firmness in His voice,

"I am the Way.

"I am the Way.

"I am the Way.

"I died for each one of you. For each soul I died.

"I have poured forth My Blood. I shed My Blood over the whole world." The white wall behind the crucifix turned red. On the wall Nancy saw shapes like continents.

New Reading

Message # 810.
The Prayers That Are Most Precious
(March 25, 1989)

When Nancy was praying before the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus said, "The prayers that are most precious and dear to Me are the ones that come from the heart."

Message # 808.
I Ask You to Be Reconciled with Your Parents
(May 13, 1995)

... Nancy asked, "Which prayers are most pleasing to You?"

Jesus said, "The prayers that come from My children's hearts. I receive all prayers. The prayers from your heart go directly into My heart."

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