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(Message # 68)
I Cherish the Gift of Your Heart

(December 10, 1990 44)
Jesus said, "I am the greatest gift giver, and I receive the fewest gifts of all. The gift My children can give Me will not cost them any money. They don't have to wrap the gift in fancy paper with a pretty bow. They don't have to send a card to Me. All I ask is for a piece of your heart. If you give Me just a piece of your heart, do you not know that I will give you much more in return. I don't ask very much. I am very grateful to receive a piece of your heart, which is imperfect in every way and lacking in many virtues, and still I cherish this gift from each of My precious children." [Jesus is grateful for a piece of our heart but, as in the Commandment, He tells us to love Him with our whole heart, mind and soul.]

"Remember My teaching about the heart. It takes a heart to mend a heart. Like tissue mends like tissue. You don't take part of your eye to mend a torn heart. The tissues must be alike. They must be compatible. Does it not make sense that I, who give you My heart, need your heart in return? I give you all of Myself, completely and totally. I only ask for a small part of yourself to be returned to Me."

Nancy said, "How magnificent Your face is, how majestic, radiant light."

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