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(Message # 918)
Come Follow Me and I Will Give You the Riches of My Kingdom

In the apparition room at her home, Nancy saw brilliant white, mystical light around the crucifix as Jesus appeared. Then she heard, "I am Jesus, Son of the Living God.

"You have control over My words. I give them to you."

It seemed that Nancy was free to share the words that Jesus gave to her or to not share them but she was unsure of what Jesus meant. Nancy replied, "I don't understand. Please tell me again."

"My children are hungry for My words."

Jesus said, "My children are hungry for My words. Let those who hunger receive them ...

"My words are Life. Many of My children are dead. I am the resurrection and My words will bring Life to them.

"Now is the time. Let My people receive My words, Nancy."

Jesus gave Nancy a personal message about letting people help her with a particular situation. Nancy questioned what she had heard and said, "Do I hear the words of Jesus? Are these the words of My Savior? Please identify yourself."

Nancy saw an unusually brilliant, mystical light.

Jesus then said, "Nancy, is it not humility to accept help? To refuse help when you need it, is very prideful. Many more demands will be placed on your time."

Jesus told Nancy that she should spend many hours writing, that she needs to work with George, and that the Holy Spirit will guide her as she shares the words from God and the Blessed Mother.

Nancy could see Jesus suffering on the crucifix as she said, "He is suffering greatly. My precious holy, merciful Savior, how do I thank you for this gift?"

Jesus said, "Steward of My word, write My words and speak My words under the guardianship of the Holy Spirit.

"Please accept My help. Please finish the work I have begun. Thank you, George, for remaining here. Thank you for your patience and love."

"Humility is a sign of My servants.
Satan brands people with markings not of God.
I brand My servants with the signature of humility."

George said, "I am only giving You a small piece back of what You have given me. Thank You."

Jesus said, "... humility pleases Me. Humility is a sign of My servants. Satan brands people with markings not of God. I brand My servants with the signature of humility.

"The more humble you are the more My hand will make the signature. When you are submissive to Me and let Me do the writing, your hand glows for it is not your hand but My hand." [Nancy has said many times that an aura of white light has appeared around her hand when she is writing the words Jesus speaks to her.]

Jesus continued, "Precious daughter, I have spoken. I am Jesus. I serve and glorify My Father and I came as a humble servant of man."

Nancy saw the suffering face of Jesus.

Jesus said, "Come follow Me and I will give you the riches of My kingdom."

Nancy said that Jesus was glowing in light and everything in sight was glowing in this mystical light.

Jesus said, "Be at peace, dear children. I love you, Nancy. I love you, George. Please make the Sign of the Cross."

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Marriage Reconciled

Earlier this year, a relative had planned on a divorce. The divorce would have mentally destroyed my relative who was willing to abandon the children.

I e-mailed the "Little Helpers of Our Loving Mother" with my prayer petition. Within 3-days, the marriage was reconciled. I have never witnessed such a swift answer to a prayer.

I have received spiritual favors through the intercession of Our Lady under the title "Our Loving Mother". She has helped me in my daily struggles to stay focused on her Son in the Eucharist and to draw graces from the Sacrament of Penance.

I feel very strongly that Conyers is a powerful oasis of grace. Our Lord wants to give many graces and I feel that people have forgotten about this place of prayer as well as the messages.

October 29, 2000

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