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(Message # 204)
You Sought My Will And Not Your Own

Jesus said, "You seek My will and not your own will. When I told you, you have an infection and you need to receive an antibiotic and you responded, 'You are a Divine Physician and You can heal me if You will', your faith has healed you."

Nancy said, "When I got up I was in pain and got the telephone book to look for a doctor and, then, I started to feel better. I don't have pain. I was burning with fever, now I don't feel hot."

"Precious daughter, you sought My will and not your own. Because of this and your faith, you are healed."

Nancy asked, "Why are not many people healed?"

"Nancy, people claim that they have faith but when I put them to the test they fail. If only My people would have the faith the size of a mustard seed."

Nancy said that when she asked for help she did not ask for a healing.

"You didn't ask for yourself, you sought My direction above your own. Remember My Mother's words for this Country, 'there is too little faith'. People profess with their lips they have faith but not from their hearts. I your Lord, your God will test your faith. You didn't ask for selfish reasons, you asked what I wanted for you."

Nancy said, "the light is bright and Jesus is suffering greatly. We hurt Jesus when we don't believe. It is global. He is showing me a globe. The Blessed Mother said earlier that we should ask for the grace of greater faith everyday."

"Nancy, you came seeking Me. You are seeking Me throughout your day. Seek and you shall find. Your willingness of accepting everything from My hand pleases Me greatly. You didn't ask for your suffering to be removed; you offered it to Me. Many people make demands of Me for selfish reasons. I seek the unselfish heart and abide in him. That is all precious daughter. I love you."

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In this 1995 hour-long video, the viewer returns to Conyers to learn more about the apparitions. Nancy speaks with great passion as she thanks the pilgrims for their "Journey of Faith". Topics include:

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  • Jesus’ incredible tenderness
  • The Holy Mass
  • The Blessed Mother's October 13, 1994 message and more.
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  • Angels’ purpose in our lives
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