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(Message # 159)
The Time Has Come for God's Justice

(November 15, 1990)
Jesus appeared to Nancy and said, "I am Jesus. I am Son of the Living God. I am very sad. You are troubled and upset about My words." [See the message of November 13, 1990.] "How do you think I feel?" [We were troubled about Our Loving Mother appearing in black and Jesus' message.]

Then Nancy was shown another crucifix. She said, "Oh my, a separate image of Jesus on another crucifix. His body is dark. His head is hanging; His chin is resting on His chest as if He were dead or died a long time ago or is presently dying on the cross." The crucifix was suspended in the air in the kitchen area next to the Prayer Room and was about five feet tall. The body of Christ had lunged forward.

Jesus said twice: "Say it. The time has come for God's Justice. Nancy, My precious daughter, what else can I do?"

Nancy said, "I see the face of Jesus very clearly before me. I see the face directly in front of me. His face is there and sunken like someone who is very tired and worn out with suffering."

Jesus said, "Oh, My foolish children, they do not know that I am God", and "Ah! If only My children would only be children." Jesus repeated, "Block My graces here and see My punishment sooner."

Jesus said, "Woe be to the parishes that dishonor My Mother. If they dishonor My Mother, they dishonor Me. I came through My Mother the first time and so shall I the second time."

Nancy saw Jesus' suffering face. Tears were coming from His eyes. He said, "Let those who ignore My Mother know this: they are ignoring God," and "You want to delay My punishment to this country. Come in numbers and show Me your faith." Jesus was referring to the Holy Hill where He had Nancy build an altar as He directed in the shape of a cross.

Jesus said, "Let Me hear your voices from your hearts."

Nancy said, "Then I saw the suffering face of Jesus."

Jesus said, "You have been chosen by God and they mock and reject you."

Nancy said, "Everything before me is glowing. He is glorified. This light is unlike any light on earth."

Again Jesus said, "Children, block My graces here, beware My hand will strike.

"You are My beloved daughter, even though you are disobedient at time, even though you lack many virtues. Through you I will show the world My love and mercy."

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