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(Message # 534)
This Is a Sign

Nancy asked Jesus to give her a sign that the grave messages she had received in recent days were of God. She and two friends were returning from North Georgia to Conyers in two separate cars. About midway they all saw a vision of the Blessed Mother up in the sky. They stopped the cars to look at the vision. They all reported seeing the Blessed Mother standing on something round and bright yellowish in color that appeared to be the moon.

Nancy then heard Jesus say, "This is a sign."

Nancy understood that this was the sign she was asking for.

The next day, the Blessed Mother appeared life size to Nancy. She was clothed in a black dress and veil and was holding the Baby Jesus in her arms. She appeared two more times within minutes but did not speak. Nancy understood this to be a grave sign. The Blessed Mother has told Nancy that when she appears in dark colors it is significant.

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     Journey of Faith
In this 1995 hour-long video, the viewer returns to Conyers to learn more about the apparitions. Nancy speaks with great passion as she thanks the pilgrims for their "Journey of Faith". Topics include:

  • Pilgrim testimonies
  • Jesus’ incredible tenderness
  • The Holy Mass
  • The Blessed Mother's October 13, 1994 message and more.
  • Conyers and Fatima
  • Angels’ purpose in our lives
  • Suffering and the Cross
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