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(Message # 178)
See the Blade of Grass, See God

Jesus said to Nancy, "How many times have I read your thoughts? George, have I not read your thoughts." [Jesus reads their thoughts all the time.] "Nancy, do not put Me in a box. I am alive, I am everywhere. Nothing escapes Me. Not a single blade of grass that moves in the wind do I miss. Let the people look at the grass. Then let the people focus on a single blade of grass. I know how it will move before it moves. I know how long it will live. I know when it will be cut. I know when it needs water or when it will die of thirst.

"Ask anyone on the hill how many blades of grass there are in your yard, or anyone's yard, or in any field. I know it all, but My children act as if they do."

Nancy said, "I'm seeing a long blade of grass mounted to a poster board and I'm taking it out of my suitcase and I'm carrying it somewhere. I feel like I'm going to be carrying this poster with me."

"You got it," Jesus said.

Nancy said, "He uses modern lingo."

"You got it, but remember who you got it from. Now, help My children. "You can entitle it, 'See the blade of grass, see God.' With a single blade of grass I will bring down the proud. Thank you."

Nancy said, "It is mind boggling. Boy, I need to recognize Who I am talk- ing to. I've got to be more obedient. Oh, Blessed Mother, please help me."

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