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(Message # 142)
Reflect on the Word 'Honor'

(May 11, 1991 79)
The Blessed Mother, Our Loving Mother, said, "My dear children, as your loving mother I am sad. Children all over the world are ignoring God. As the Mother of God, I am happy when My children are close to My Son. A mother is happy when her children are close to God. My children of America have the least respect for God, and they are not listening to the Mother of God. I thank you for all your efforts to honor Me. I am a sorrowful, mourning mother. I am mourning for all My lost children all over the world. My American children have been given the most gifts from God and they return the fewest gifts to Him. Children of America, do you want to celebrate Mother's Day and make your Mother happy. Please, please come back to God now. You who do not know my Son will miss His coming. Prepare the way for the King by preparing your hearts.

"A heart of love is full of love.
"A heart of hate is full of hate.
"A heart of faith is full of faith.
"A heart of trust is full of trust.
"A heart of doubt is full of doubt.

"It is said that what you reap, you are. And I say, what your heart is, you are.

"Thank you for My flowers, My cake, for your hearts of love, for your hearts of trust, for your hearts of faith." [We had a Mother's Day cake and flowers for Our Loving Mother].

"What you sow in your heart you shall reap in Heaven. The Kingdom of God is the kingdom of love. The kingdom of humility is a kingdom of obedience. It is a kingdom of patience, of fortitude, of complete, total surrender to God. If you sow other things, other than virtues in your heart, then you merit not the kingdom of God.

"Nancy, children all over the world particularly the United States, refuse to honor their mothers. If you do not honor God first, then how can you honor the mother He has given you?

"Children of America, reflect on the word 'honor.'"

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