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(Message # 453)
They Live as though They Depended Not on Me, But on Themselves Alone

Nancy was reading from page 126 in the chapter about Self-Deception in the book "My Daily Bread" when the Risen Christ appeared. Jesus has told Nancy that it is very important and to write down what she is doing when this happens. Nancy was reading the following:

CHRIST: "My child, you have no idea how easy it is for men to deceive themselves in this earthly life. Many think that they are living a good life simply because they are performing a few external works. They go to church once or twice a week, say some prayers daily, and commit no public crimes.

"Yet I am displeased with them. In their everyday life, they live as though they depended not on Me, but on themselves alone. [At this point the Risen Christ appeared to Nancy] In a crowd they are not particularly noticeable for their patience, or kindness, or sympathy, or unselfishness.

"Many are too interested in following their daily occupations and interests to bother how I want them to follow these things. They do not deny My wisdom in theory. They simply disregard it in practice. They act as though I did not quite understand their daily problems. Actually it is they who do not understand their daily problems. If they followed My words, many of their difficulties would cease being problems.

"Some people are afraid to apply My words to their everyday life. They are afraid of losing some world advantage or earthly enjoyment."

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