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(Message # 173)
Russia Is Continuing to Spread Its Errors

(February 2, 1991 92)
Our Loving Mother said, "Nancy, I am Blessed Virgin Mary. Do not fear, I come in the name of Jesus. He is my Lord and Savior. Russia is continuing to spread it's errors throughout the world. Do not be deceived and think that you are completely safe in America. I have warned you previously: Satan seeks greater division in countries. He seeks to divide. Beware. Do not fear the evil one. My Son and I are with you, Nancy. Again, I say to you read over my messages that I gave in Fatima. Do all that my Son tells you. Walk in faith and trust Him completely. I love you. Read my messages that I gave in Fatima."

Nancy said, "The Blessed Mother looks very sad."

Our Loving Mother said, "I must leave now. Thank my Son for permitting me to come. I am Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Mother of God, I come in the Holy Name of my Son, Jesus."

Nancy said, "A crown appeared over her head."

Our Loving Mother said, "I bless you, dear children, please serve selflessly in love."

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